Taking Chances

bookcover0001286     Published January 2018

Taking Chances is a story of loss, love, and discovery. I have chosen to release it only as an ebook. My interest has always been about sharing creativity, not about “sales.” And technology now allows me to make this book available for free or “almost free.” ($0.99 on Amazon) Amazing!

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Short synopsis of Taking Chances:

The sudden death of his wife throws Alex Frasier’s life into darkness. The family medical supply business is also impacted when Antonio, the founder and head, falls into a depression over the loss of his only daughter. Alex’s brother-in-law Tony is handed the reins, a position he displays neither talent nor interest for, except as a secret source of funds for his mounting gambling debts.

Convinced by his old friend Chad to attend their 30th college reunion, Alex runs into Grace, his first love. The spark still glows and soon Alex is escorting Grace to important social outings. Their relationship blossoms, but while passion draws them together, the fault lines that separated them thirty years ago begin to reemerge.

Alex also befriends Tony’s divorced wife Angela, who is struggling to raise her two boys single-handedly in the wake of Tony’s neglect. She had been an appropriate spouse for Tony, meeting his demanding parents’ expectations for a suitable wife and grandchildren, while masking his tendency for risk-taking. That reality comes home when the children are kidnapped to force Tony to pay off his heavy gambling debts.

Grace forces Alex to confront hidden truths including his resistance to change and his tendency to live out other people’s expectations. Hard lessons rattle and reorder his life. Meanwhile, Alex’s daughter Sara decides to drop out of college to run off to Paris with her new artist boyfriend and Alex finds himself caught up in an illegal land development scheme. He struggles to navigate the unfamiliar landscape.

Gradually he discovers the strength to deal with the chaos. A new identity unfolds, welling up like a winged bird. Only this bird comes without instructions, leaving him confused and unsettled.

Alex summons the courage to take control of events including the foundering family business, the frosty relationship with his daughter and his own happiness.


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