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t. j. silverioSong lyrics were my first encounter with creative writing. Back in college I experienced the joy of words emerging from music, of listening deeply and patiently for the magic to happen. Later I tried to recapture that special feeling in various forms, with poetry, and then children’s stories for my boys. In my late twenties I happened upon a novel by Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray. I was memorized. Here was an author who seemed to write prose with the lyric qualities of a poem. I wanted to do that.

Fortunately my muse was patient. Trying to write proved difficult for me while I was pursuing a career in chemical manufacturing management. Both activities required so much energy, I was unsuccessful finding the quiet space my imagination needed to express itself. But I had the great good fortune to retire early from my career and the even greater good fortune to have a life partner who helped create space in our lives to pursue my passion.

And so I began developing my craft with writing classes, workshops, critique groups, and various books on the art of creative writing. And I read and read and read, trying to learn from good writers. Like developing any skill there was an evolution involved, that is still underway. And there remains the deep desire to experience the joy of creativity


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